Doge + Twitter + Metaverse = DogeTwit

What is Dogeverse ?

Dogeverse was born from the combination of Blockchain technology platform from Dogecoin combined with the world's largest social networking platform: Twitter.
Dogeverse is a social networking ecosystem in which participants live, work, and play in the metaverse. Dogeverse creates a world in which each individual can build his own world, where there is history, present and future.
Dogeverse gives you the tools and building blocks to start your own metaverse, build a thriving virtual economy, and implement a community-led governance model. You don't need to write a single line of code. Start with our blueprints and nurture a community and culture around them. Anyone can create their own metaverse - for their community, common interests, common goals, and any number of reasons people come together.
It comes with lands, environment, goods and services, digital economy and decentralized governance. Each metaverse is jointly managed by its inhabitants. They decide how their metaverse is run and how their digital economy works. They co-own and cooperate with the metaverse in which they are located.
The virtual economy is powered by virtual goods and services. Virtual goods that can be bought and sold include land to host each service, environments to bring the land to life and objects to enhance them. Virtual services are created by users across social networks, games, commerce, work, learning and more.