Dogeverse Enviroment

What is Dogeverse enviroment ?

Environments make lands livable – interactive scenes you can simply plug and play or customize to make your own.
Environments are immersive; they give you a sense of presence. They are persistent; their states are saved and synced among all users. They are real-time; they are being rendered constantly to all devices accessing them.
Creating interactive environments is as simple as applying a template. Every template can be customized to the creator's liking – all drag and drop, no code required. Initially built by the core team to demonstrate possibilities, the community will later be able to create their own templates for other Dogeverser to use.

What environments are available in Dogeverse?

Home - This is your personal place where people can find you. Make your own apartment a point of difference, with your personality.
Club - This is where you can meet each other in a decentralized metaverse environment. Where you can interact, dance, play with others.
Gallery - A place to showcase and showcase your NFT work, your achievements at Dogeverse and more. Where everyone has to admire your achievements.
Store - How's business? Open your new store in the metaverse. Dogeverse helps you create immersive shopping experiences out of customizable 3D environments and digital payment tools.
Cafe - Create a cafe or an NFT eatery in Dogeverse; why not ?. Where people can exchange work, enjoy real-world Cafe and connect.
Office - Free yourself from the tangle of neverending Slack threads and be in the same room as your distributed team – be it a boardroom, breakroom, or breakout room.
Need some ideas on what to do in your beautiful 3D spaces? Check out some guides below:
  • Host your house-warming party, quiz night, music event.
  • Host AMAs, meetups.
  • Host 3D art exhibitions.
  • Display and sell your NFTs.