We believe that DogeTwit and every one of its virtual nations will succeed in creating better realities than the single reality we happen to be in (the real world) only if we follow these principles collectively as a community.

The principle of decentralization

All decisions about what to build and how to build it will be in the hands of the users, individually or collectively via DAOs.

The principle of user ownership

We don’t need to amplify the previous web issues across additional dimensions. DogeTwit is created so everyone can own a piece. Everything in DogeTwit is permissionless by design. Anyone can create their own space and operate it freely outside the jurisdiction of centralized institutions and corporations. Assets in Rove are owned by users. Users hold their own private keys and have sole control over what they create, represented by cryptographic non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The principle of organic order

The platform allows the whole to emerge gradually from local acts.

The principle of compounding building blocks

All construction will be built on top of existing building blocks.

The principle of openness

Rove should be open. Anyone could bring their own assets into it.
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